If this is your first visit or you have yet set up your blog please check out the very first post "how do I get started with blogger?"

Why I started blogger-made-simple!

Why I started this "how to use blogger tips blog".

Firstly... because the argument always arises...

Wordpress vs blogger!

There is absolutely no getting away from the fact blogger is so much easier than wordpress for a new user to get to grips with, while wordpress has benefits over blogger, usability for new users isn't one of them

Although some say forget blogger, use wordpress because its better all round, I am starting to like the progress blogger is making these days, they are implementing changes that give blogger some of the beneficial things wordpress has...this is a page, one of those benefits.

Wordpress has a learning curve that is often beyond the ability of a completely-new-to-the-whole-scene blogger, that's not to say all of them, just a fair few and the PHP language is hassle for those who have no understanding of it, with blogger it's really irrelevant about the code (html+css) with the simple layout style customisation.

The only real benefit from using wordpress over blogger is when you have a self hosted blog, I have to say I have debated moving my own self hosted blog to wordpress from blogger, but as of yet I am happy to see how blogger keeps improving, and probably more likely to change to blogger hosting on my domain.

Wordpress.com is wordpress hosted blogs like bloggers blogspot, free and open to anyone and everyone, the main difference is you are limited in certain ways with the wordpress hosted ones.
This is the main reason wordpress is only better if you host it yourself, this is from wordpress.org...that cost you money, on something that may not even pay!

Therefore I started this blog on blogspot, bloggers own hosting free to use platform just as it is blogspot you should start your blogs on, no need to get a domain name just yet, better to wait till you know it's worth doing.

Ok so...

Blogspot and Blogger it is then.

KISS..."keep it stupid simple" and you can't go far wrong, anything you do get wrong will teach you something, and it's never the end of the world so it's all good.

One thing at a time, if you make a change, save as you go along, you can always change, save, this ensures you don't lose your way or make a bigger mess than need be if and when something does go wrong.

Set yourself some time to deal only with your blog and whatever is related to it and have some patience with yourself.

One of the biggest problems I have seen over and over again is the way people over analyse things, make mountains out of molehills, hopefully you won't be one who makes that mistake, just take your time and do it at the pace which is right with you, the fact you are happy and doing is the main thing.

Deal with this basics first, the foundations.

That leads me to why I stared this blog and what it will do for you and your blogging.

Yes there are a ton of blogs on how to blog out there and indeed probably many about blogger too.

I have yet to see one with just the absolute the basics out there, what I would have liked to have seen when I stared many moons ago...not long after blogger started really, yep, long term blogger and blogspot user here!

So, that's how I have hoped to set it up, simple steps to help you get your blogspot blog up and as easy, quickly and hassle free as possible, all the things you need to do in order to have a half decent set up blog, after that it's just a case of you keeping on adding content.

Getting the basics up is important to do as fast as you can, you need them foundations to build on, sticking fancy whistles and bells on it is pointless without all the other basics.

That also leads me to why I used blogspot for this instead of a domain...I may well get a domain sometime, depends on how it goes, but I am also keen to lead by example, showing by doing and that means using what you will, blogspot.

Happy blogging!